Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Updates ---> Ashley's RAWSOME Journey

It's been a month and I'm learning so much every day as this journey progresses and my energy levels change along with my body and complexion.

Let's see.... where do I begin? Well, this isn't the first time that I've gone on a raw foods journey but this is the first time that I realized that there was such a huge revolution surrounding such an avant garde lifestyle. Avant-garde because our society is Burger Brainwashed. Anyway, now that I have all of these online resources, social networking sites JUST for raw foodists, and YouTube videos it makes the journey even more fun. And I can't forget how awesome it is to have a roadie in my sister, Racquel. The last few weeks have been amazing. I've never slept so good! I get a lot of comments about "The Glow." Apparently my complexion is changing and people that see me on a regular basis seem to have noticed almost immediately. I feel my body changing. My energy levels are through the roof. My dance team literally had me participate in a cartwheel contest after class last Tuesday for Pete's sake! ehem! Yes, I won! I feel amazing all of the time.

I take that back. I feel amazing when I eat the appropriate amount. And last week I mentioned how much that is (2,500 to 3,000 calories). As we know fruits and vegetables are nutrient dense and not calorie dense. Your body has to be given an abundance and variety of food so that you get all of the calories needed to successfully lose weight and detox sufficiently. The more you eat the more you crave. I guess that's with anything you eat. Trader Joe's black grapes are like my new fix and I crave them all the time! Which is probably why yesterday I sat at my desk and ate a poud of them without even thinking about it. When I ate boat-loads of candy that's all I wanted. No matter how much fruit I ate. I'm sure the more you eat burgers the more you want them. This is a lifestyle of abundance not deprivation. Which is a plus in its own right. However it gets tricky trying to cram in those calories.

Yesterday, I ate about five bananas for breakfast and a pound of grapes. For lunch, I had two apple-pears (which I don't really care too much for). Then I came across a snag! I had to get to my second job and the only things that were left in my cooler were two bananas, a plum, and a banana! I knew those calories would be gone within the first few hours of my shift and I'd be starving by the time the clock struck 10. This is why it's important to eat all you can. Who wouldn't want to eat all you wanted?

Right now, I'm practicing the 80/10/10 LFRV lifestyle (low-fat-raw-vegan). 80 percent fruits and veg, 10 percent protein, and 10 percent fat (nuts, seeds, and avocados). So far, I love it and will keep you all posted as to how things are progressing! Until next time.....

Keep JoOcing,


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