Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sweet Staples ----> What's in Ashley's Pantry

Good morning, all! 

Before Racquel and I did the reboot, I had a borderline severe chewy candy addiction. I'd literally get a paralyzing hankering for some Swedish Fish or some Brach's Maple Nut Goodies, Skittles, or the my absolute (then) favorite Air Heads Taffy. And because these candies are vegan, I thought I was doing a good thing for myself. During my weeks of not consuming food, my body conditioned itself to crave healthy things. My main thought while I fasted was, "Man, I'd give anything to eat an apple rather than drink an apple." Now that I've begun the raw food part of my journey I've discovered a few amazing candy substitutes that deserve to be on a rack in the checkout line for the inevitable impulse buy! :-) (Clockwise) My first new favorite sweet treat is Trader Joe's Nothing But Bananas Flattened. One package yields roughly six servings and is $1.29 a pop! With only one ingredient these things have become my pantry staple. I mainly like them for breakfast with some all natural peanut butter, and sprinkled with some slivered almonds. All they are are about six bananas flattened into a kind of fruit roll-up of sorts. No pun intended. No sugar added. Bananas are the only ingredient! Next, I discovered Larabars years ago when I went on a raw foods journey in college and have loved them ever since. In spite of my food flaws, I would always find my way back to these. They come in a myriad of flavors but my new favorite is Peanut Butter and Jelly. It's simply peanuts, cherries, dates, and salt. THAT'S IT! And it tastes just like a a PB&J wrapped in a convenient little package. These range in price and calories. From 210 to 220 calories (but wholesome and sustainable calories) and $1.17 to $1.59. Another Trader Joe's favorite of mine is the Organic 100% Natural Fruit Wraps at 49 cents a pop you can't go wrong with tossing a few in your bag for an impromptu sweet snack. 50 calories a pop and just sweet enough. About seven all natural ingredients in this one and you can pronounce them ALL! Lastly, I discovered dates and rolled in coconut at my Holy Grail Whole Foods Market. OMG! Talk about saving the best for last. I loathe coconut but somehow paired with dates it works and hits the sweet spot EVERY TIME! A little more pricey at $6.99 a pound in the bulk section of the market, I think it's worth it and you can't go wrong with only two ingredients. Give one of my new Sweet Staples a try and post what you think on our wall. We love your feedback!

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