Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No More Mustache ----> The truth about DAIRY!

Remember the white milk mustache that we used to see on the billboards? Yeah, the ones promoting consumers to go and buy milk and to drink at least three glasses a day.  Yeah, if I’m a calf.  The USDA is something else.  Dairy is a quick way to the grave.  Notice how a calf grows into a huge cow, notice how we do too (no pun intended).  For me to criticize milk is like me cursing you-in America.  It’s been etched into our minds to drink this pasteurized solution that we call a drink. We tout it as extremely healthy.  I beg to differ.  I once felt like everyone else- that we need dairy…where will I get my calcium?  So we drink pesticides, and big, fat, cold glasses of hormones.  No wonder so many little girls are starting to look like grown women.  Dairy doesn’t keep us from breaking bones, it doesn’t cause Osteoporosis.  Did you know that an increased amount of dairy can cause cancer?  Hey, what about lactose intolerance? That doesn’t feel well….well the only reason the body is intolerant is because YOU ARE NOT A COW!  Milk doesn’t support sports performance, it’s full of fat, it causes digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome, and it is not good on the lymph system…..and adds mucus!!!! Listen guys, occasionally you may want to grab an Oreo cookie (which is vegan) and want to dip it in some milk. Well use nut milk like walnut, almond, or coconut.  The body doesn’t need the calcium that much. It needs the vitamin D.  You can go outside and sit in the sun and get some Vitamin D. You can get supplements of Vitamin D. Just leave the dairy alone.  So “Got Milk?” I sure hope not! Go dairy free!!!! Clean up your body by not putting that poison in it.  Oh, and your children will be fine!!!!

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